The Latest Indepth Updated 2019 Jaaxy Review

The graphick showing captapult traffic with this software

The Latest In-depth Updated 2019 Jaaxy Review


Capture your traffic with this software
Are you a blogger? Do you work in the affiliate marketing industry? Are you getting the best results with whatever keyword tool you are using? If not then you have to read this latest In-depth Updated 2019 Jaaxy review.

What exactly is Jaaxy and what can it do for you? This is a streamlined highly technologically advanced keyword tool created and distributed to entrepreneurs looking to further their success as a blogger and affiliate marketer. Why is this keyword tool so crucial in the industry for marketers? It's the only current effective way you will be able to research keywords that are relevant to your niche designed to bring you the best results anywhere.

Jaaxy has been an add on to the Wealthy Affiliate platform for years now and is also sold separately to those who just need a top of the line keyword research tool. Its unique software allows users to research keywords, trending niches, popular websites and shows where the competition is in the online marketplace. Using this popular tool can mean the difference between success and failure and is used by thousands of entrepreneurs the world over.

Why Is Jaaxy Such A Good Product?

Save the keyword listJaaxy is unique in its characteristics. It's a software that appears to have its own brain which searches and analysis keywords and phrases and assigns them a QSR (Quoted Search Result) number. The lower the number, the better it ranks the keywords.

For example. Let's say you want to research the keyword phrase “How to earn online”. Jaxxy will analyze that keyword and pull up a QSR as well as other competing keyword phrases that are relevant. From there it will give you a list of keywords you can use that may rank as well as or better than your original keyword. From there you can choose the one that produces the most search results.

If you think Jaaxy might be too confusing at first, it's best to stick with the main search tool. In fact, this tool is all you will need to find niches, the best keywords for your blog and suggestions using the “Alphabet Soup technique” for finding keywords that rank.

Your goal is to find keywords that are going to be the best for your business and will rank high in the search engines. And that can not be accomplished if not using a quality proven keyword tool. Jaaxy is the go-to tool for affiliate marketers hands down.

What's The Key To Jaxxy's Success?

The success of Jaaxy has to be ease of use for new affiliate marketers and it's extremely accurate in finding the highest ranking keywords you are going to find for your content. It's truly a blogger's dream to get your hands on this software and can catapult your business and online ranking in as short a time as possible.

That is why Jaaxy has become so popular not only with new affiliate marketers but for seasoned professionals in the industry as well. It works that good.

As you can see from above the main search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo are what are most used around the world. Jaaxy pulls their information within these three search engines giving you the most recent popular searches and keywords you will find online. You can also use this keyword tool for virtually anything from keywords to competing websites in your niche. You can use the tool to find popular niches that are trending right now as well.

Jaaxy Won't Break The Bank!

Jaaxy keyword tool with Wealthy Affiliate
If you think Jaaxy cost a bunch, you're going to be surprised. It's amazingly affordable. In fact, it only cost $19.00 per month while others of comparable quality can cost up to $100.00 or more monthly. Why is this amazing software so cheap? It's because it's an add on to the Wealthy Affiliate platform that's offered to members for free with their premium membership.

Wealthy Affiliate, by the way, has to be the #1 affiliate marketing university in the world in 2019. It's been online for a full 13 years and members have used this platform along with Jaaxy (CLICK HERE) to produce highly effective and successful websites for over a decade. Wealthy Affiliate and Jaxxy are well-known platforms in the affiliate marketing and blogging arena that have proven themselves over and over by producing successful entrepreneurs.

But, you have to try Jaaxy for yourself to appreciate what exactly this software can do for your business.

Right now you can actually join for free with a Starter membership to Jaxxy which gives you free 30 searches per month. No commitment and you can use the software as long as you want to find the best keywords available for your affiliate blogs.

For those who opt for the Pro version of Jaaxy, you get unlimited searches, search analysis, manual domain search, and QSR search. Plus there are more add-ons that you get for free. The Pro version at $19.00 per month is the most popular option for people who are starting their affiliate marketing journey and it's proven to help complete beginners become highly successful in the industry. There's no time like now to get take the full advantage of this amazing software that can boost your online rankings in no time.

Many Affiliate Marketers Wing It. Don't Be One Of Them!

It's true that many aspiring marketers in the affiliate marketing industry try to wing their success. They honestly don't really know what they are doing so they take a few lessons and apply it in their content when writing affiliate blogs. The problem is the content is written with no distinct goal in mind, no call to action and no keywords that will help them with their search engine rankings. Jaaxy( CLICK HERE) takes away all of those questions you may have and does the work for you. Easy to use and effective, it's a way to use technology to succeed without trying to wing your success.

There's another aspect of Jaaxy which is valuable too. Aside from being the top keyword tool being used in 2019 for thousands of affiliate marketers, this software also gives you information on what's trending right now on the major search engines. It also gives you what Amazon best-selling products are as well as what topics are currently trending on Twitter. Use this tool to stay up to date on what products are hot and what's trending in the search engines.

Affiliate marketers need to know what's trending and Jaaxy does this in real time 24/7.

Use Jaaxy To Catapult Your Sales In 2019!

At the end of the day, your website will either help to make you successful or it won't. And you won't know what to do unless you have a tool that can help you make some crucial decisions necessary for your online success. You don't have to be a wiz to use Jaaxy. You don't even need any technical skills as the software does all the work for you.

But without it, you may very well see yourself floundering in a sea of affiliate marketing confusion. You don't have to go that route.

=====Wealthy Affiliate offers a FREE Starter Membership. No Credit Card Required and Guarantee/FREE======


Use Jaaxy's Starter membership to get on the path to growing a successful website. Study the tools inside the software. If, and when you decide you want to upgrade that's up to you. But definitely, take advantage of the software and use it. It's designed with you, the affiliate marketer in mind.

If you have questions just go to the help section on Jaaxy and find out any answer you need.

2019 is here. It's time to use the tools out there created to help you succeed in affiliate marketing. This is your year to succeed and Jaaxy is there to help you every step of the way.

Take your time, create valuable content for your website and use Jaaxy to find the best keywords in your niche and topic. Stay the course and follow through with the best content, quality products and you will be successful. You can do this and Jaaxy will be by your side all the way. Click here to join FREE today.


If you have any question please drop your questions below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best


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  1. Hi there 🙂 thanks for reviewing Jaxxy. I am using it for a while and I am impressed how good it is. On the internet you can find a lot of software which will be very similar to this one. Not even one of them are offering as much as Jaxxy. I totally agree how good it is. Good article 

  2. Thank you very much for your review and tips. I went ahead and signed up for Jaaxi. Oh my God what a difference it has made to my internet site, my blogs, my overall SEO. You have made a perfect review for this program and I would advise anyone starting to get their feet wet on any internet marketing business to definately invest some money on Jaaxi. Excellent service great great help all the way. Thankk you

  3. I make use of Jaaxy and I have to say that I completely agree with you about how Jaaxy can be of great help to bloggers. Seriously, it is a tool that would be very beneficial to those intending to see success in building out their blog. Apart from finding good keywords, you can monitor that keyword to know where it sits on google. That’s just amazing and would be of great help when building out your blog.

    Experts or newbies would benefit greatly from making use of this tool. It is highly recommended.

  4. Good evening. The jaxxy tool is very essential for anyone looking to succeed in the online entrepreneurship world. I’m a registered premium member of wealthy affiliate and I always use this tool to find the right keywords to enhance my post. My extras do I get for paying for the jaxxy pro?

  5. Thanks for making review on jaaxy,  this keyword tool has helped so many in creating a meaningful niche on for their website and blogs including me, I joined wealthy affiliate this year and jaaxy was one of the package added for my training in building my website and it was for free and user friendly, I’ll give it a five star rating.

  6. Hello Kazuko eure,this is really a great specific information about Affiliate Marketing Training Courses.I understand that this course is very helpful for all beginners who want to learn and do this.I will definitely it to all of my flowers.I find it is very important  for all.your information is very important for all the beginners.Thanks for sharing this informative article.

  7. Learning how to use jaaxy was among the first tools I learnt how to use when I started blogging, knowing how to use it has helped me tremendously in creating content for my blog. I recommend it to every blogger, Our success as bloggers depends on our content and jaaxy is the tool that helps us gey the right keyword. Learning and using jaaxy is a continuous process.

  8. Hi Kazuko, you did a splendid job with this piece. Jaaxy tool is a veritable tool in the hands of  new bloggers as well as professionals in the field. Jaaxy is always accurate when it comes to finding highest ranking keywords. The amazing thing about Jaaxy software is that it is relatively affordable at $19 per month. Again a new affiliate marketer can decide to use starter membership of Jaaxy pending when he is convinced or buoyant enough to make the monthly payment.

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