Make Money marketing online – Is There a Way?

Make Money Marketing Online – Is There a Way?


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While there are many different ways to Make Money market online? Some of my readers ask me how do I go about marketing online, and is it easy to do?

My answer to this question is usually dependent on how long they have been working on their affiliate website and how much experience they have in social media. Like it or not, the easiest way to spread information in 2019 is by using media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down at all soon. There are suggestions that social media platforms are more popular than your regular news sources via newspapers and televisions.

With all these available options to shout out to the world, does social media count when it comes to marketing your products and services? Most people would say yes, social media is a necessity in 2019 if you are launching any type of business.

Additionally, in 2017, online advertising accounted for a whopping 83 billion dollars, which has grown more each year. What does this say to the individual entrepreneur looking to advertise on a budget? It means that any business online has the opportunity and potential to be highly successful with a well thought out and orchestrated social media campaign.

In answer to the question, Is there a way to make money marketing online? Absolutely!

Where Do I Start And How Much Does It Cost To Market Online?

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If you are serious about your business and want to expand your sales throughout the world in the most cost-effective and stress-free way, I have to say social media advertising has to be the best choice. I didn't say it would be the easiest but looking at the different options out there to market your affiliate marketing business, promoting products through Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram will more than likely be your best bet.

Now that we can safely assume that the above three social media platforms can be a good fit for affiliate marketing campaigns, what's the cost of promoting through these methods?

With Facebook Ads, you don't have to spend a lot to start seeing some results and conversions if you do your research and don't waste money on lousy ads. With that being said, I would also be cautious with not going full bore and spending a ton of money on any social media ads until you have experimented and gotten some positive results.

My suggestion would be to start small. Very small, like $1.00 a day small on a Facebook Ad that you can control your daily spending. Try different ad headlines and compare your results on Google Analytics. If something isn't working keep trying and keep changing things up until something sticks.

What's The Best Way To Promote Your Business In 2019?

Online marketing has been around for a long time now, at least 25 years. But does that mean that it's still a viable way for you to make money as a marketer? It is if you know what you are doing and don't get frustrated and quit while your business is still young.

Online marketing has the potential to bring in hundreds if not thousands of potential prospects to your business, but you will have to do your due diligence and yes, research before spending money on any random social medial platform or promotional service.

Speaking of those ads, you may have seen that claim to help you promote your business by setting you up with some ad service. Use common sense. Many of these companies pop up one day, and weeks later are nowhere to be found.

While it's a pain in you know what to try and do your own promotional marketing, I will tell you that it's the best way to become successful in any online business. And that's because only you know what's going to make you a success. Outside people may appear to want to help you, but in my experience, the vast majority of opportunists who want a piece of your pie.

My suggestion? Learn social media marketing on your own and learn how to implement what you learn.

How Can You Learn How To Make Money Marketing Online?

I hope this article didn't dash your feeling of optimism while you are trying to build a business online. I am only trying to help you understand the reality of running your own business and marketing it at the same time.

There is a ton of money out there in the affiliate marketing industry, and all you need to become successful in it is to have some basic know-how in the business.

How do you learn how to make money marketing online? Join Wealthy Affiliate and go through their step by step process. I'm serious. Wealthy Affiliate has been online a whopping 14 years now helping entrepreneurs like you become successful by teaching you how to market your website properly.

Not only does this platform teach you how to run a successful website, but they also have marketing lesson tutorials and videos that cover everything from running successful Facebook Ad campaigns to learning how to use Google Analytics to analyze your marketing campaigns.

How do I know all this stuff about Wealthy Affiliate?

Well, I am a member and have been for a while now. And I learned a ton of stuff just by going through their lessons, watching the weekly videos and going through their live chat and asking members questions I had while learning.

If you want to learn how to market your website and not end up spending an arm and a leg in lousy ad campaigns, join Wealthy Affiliate and go through the first few lessons as a FREE member. I promise you won't be disappointed. It's free to join, and the first ten lessons are free. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Why Wealthy Affiliate Works For New Marketing Entrepreneurs


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Online marketing is hot in 2019. And it looks like the same can be expected to go into 2020. 2020 could be the year your life changes by giving you the tools to be a successful marketer.

You can do all of this at home, in your spare time with little to no cost out of pocket outside of an internet connection and a computer. Think about it. Maybe you are a stay at home mom or dad and need some extra money, or perhaps you are retired and want to learn a new skill to supplement your retirement. Whatever the reason, there's no reason not to learn a new skill in online marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate has proven itself to be the go-to platform to learn affiliate marketing in 2019 for thousands of entrepreneurs. It's easy to understand and implement a platform has trained hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, and it can teach you too.

You just need to sign up today for a FREE Wealthy Affiliate account and see what it can do for you. Go through the first ten lessons, start building your own website for FREE with two free websites, a free domain and shared hosting.

Let's face it. You need to know how online marketing works in 2019 to be successful in 2020. Now is the time to get busy learning how this platform can help you make money marketing online.

Ask yourself where you think you will be in a year from now. How about five years? Do you have any idea? If not then you may want to seriously think about taking your future into your own hands before some power-hungry employer does. You see working for someone else works fine for some people.

But others it doesn't. Those who choose to work a job that's hard to get fired from may choose jobs with great benefits and government-guaranteed. For others who are motivated a bit more, becoming your own boss may be a better fit. Sure, you will be taking chances but isn't that what life is all about? Take some chances, and you may improve your experience.

Wealthy Affiliate is a learning platform that will teach you all you know when you are ready, not when the employer is ready. You're an entrepreneur, someone who thinks a bit differently. Someone who is a self-starter right?

You need some direction, and that's what Wealthy Affiliate is. A sign pointing in the right direction, a platform that teaches you everything about affiliate marketing.

I hope this blog is helpful because I want you to succeed. You deserve to succeed in this industry. Just do me a favor before I go. Check out my 2019 review for Wealthy Affiliate here. It will take just a few minutes of your time, but I know it could change your life. Yes, it can change your life for the better in 2020.

I know you're ready because you're still reading this. CLICK HERE to start your online marketing business right now.


If you have any question please drop your questions below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best




Network Marketing Training

Network Marketing Training

Network Marketing Advice

For Those of You Into Affiliate Marketing and Who Want the Make the Most of Your Time While Learning the Industry, You May Be Looking for the Best the Network Marketing Training in the Field. While there are tons of companies out there claiming the be the best training resource you can find in the business, you really need the weed out the best from the so-so training programs. ‘

And that can be difficult in the affiliate marketing industry.

Why is it so difficult the find quality the network marketing training company.

Honestly, we have the look at the source. It's the internet and anyone can make a so-called business online and call it legit. We have seen over the years tons of business scam others out of millions of dollars and up and disappear. It's the nature of the industry unfortunately and if you don't do your research, you could get scammed big time.

Is Network Marketing Worth Your Time?

Showing Time Management
It depends on how much skill you actually have and if you are willing the use those skills the best of your ability. Too many network marketer beginners come into the business with both guns blazing and they think they are going the be rich within a year.

That's fine because those who get into the industry with this mindset have probably never worked in their life or have minimal experience and want the get the ball rolling' fast so they can chill and live the laptop lifestyle.

Laptop lifestyle? Yea, it doesn't exist for 99.9 percent of the people out there.

My advice is the learn the network marketing step by step. Don't skip around and try a bunch of different training programs and think they are all going the make you instant success in the industry.

Learning network marketing like anything worthwhile will take time, patience and some determination. Your best bet is the stay away from anything that promises you will be making the such-and-such amount of money in a short amount of time. It spells a SCAM.

What's The Best Training In Network Marketing?

Showing Coaching, Advising, Skill, Training, Motivation and More
If you do a quick search on the internet, you're bound the find a ton of programs offered by individuals and pop up internet companies that will teach you the industry for a fee. They may have some courses, testimonials on the sales page and even some hyped up stuff that feeds into your subconscious.

Much of the network marketing is psychology and scammers know how the use tactics that will entice you the buy their program. The problem exists when you realize you have been scammed and the bad guys are long gone.

The good news is there are some legitimate network marketing training courses out there but sometimes you really have the do some research.

Being in the industry, I found one that works well for me and it could for you too. And that's Wealthy Affiliate.

Why do I like this program?

Because it's been around for over a decade and it's got a ton of quality training that will teach you everything you need the know the be successful. They offer the training, the web builder platform and everything you need the get started the building a successful internet business in marketing.

Plus you can get your own domain and host as well as access one of the most powerful keyword tools on the planet, the Jaaxy keyword tool.

Wealthy Affiliate has long been the go the platform for entrepreneurs who are looking the learn the network marketing the right way. This is a no-nonsense approach the learning step by step how the become a successful entrepreneur simply by following the training set in place on the platform. The training is easy the understand and implement and someone with a High School education can learn through the platform with ease.

Is Network Marketing For You?

I'll be honest with you here. Many of the network marketing startups fail. And the reason may be because people who start don't follow through with their plan as the months roll by. It takes a serious dedication the become successful in the industry because of not only the competition but because there is no one over your shoulder telling you what the do day the day. It's easy because complacent and finds yourself browsing the internet when you could be putting quality time into your business.

If you are serious about becoming a success in the network marketing industry, ask yourself these questions before you start.

1. Will I have the time?

2. Will I get too distracted?

3. Will I be able the work on my business daily or at least a few times a week?

4. Am I dedicated enough?

5. Are you willing the focus on long term success?

WA Logo Making Money Online Isn't Magic
If you can dedicate yourself the learning the network marketing then Wealthy Affiliate might be the perfect fit for you. It's not hard the learn but it will take some time and patience the learn the process. The key is the not give up and work on your business little by little until it begins the gain traffic and sales.

Network marketing is a big business and has made people millions of dollars but many do not succeed. The key the success will come over time and not once you just do this or that. In other words, most of the network marketing success comes from trial and error and dedication.

The old saying I failed 10,000 times before succeeding once is definitely the definition of how the network marketing success is defined. So, if you're not ready the fail, you're not ready the succeed in this industry.

Focus On Being The Expert Go-To Person

Showing Focus on Being The Expart Go To Person - GOALS
The internet is a huge place. And if you see those who are successful on the net you will find that many of them have some kind of expertise in this industry or that industry. Take one of the platforms that allow you the ask questions and gets and industry “professional” the answer for a price. That's right. Although it seems strange many doctors, lawyers and other experts make money just answering questions online.

And that's why you need the become an expert in your niche, whatever that might be. You could be an industry expert in making money online, men's dress shoes, snowboarding, surfing, whatever. Wherever there is a need, fill that need as an expert and you can make a ton of money in the network marketing industry.

Those who can find a way they stay the course and learn the lessons in the Wealthy Affiliate program have a much better chance of succeeding than those who just go through the motions and don't do anything but mess around with themes and fonts on their website. Wealthy Affiliate has hundreds of videos and course content that will teach anyone how the be strong in the industry whether your 18 or 80 years old which brings me the next topic.

Am I Too Old To Learn Network Marketing?

Absolutely not! In fact, there are people in their 70s and 80s who are actively working on the network marketing websites right now on a daily basis. And many of them state that it helps them stay engaged and help cognitive skills as well as gives them a social lift with the online chat features available on the Wealthy Affiliate program.

You can never be too old the learn a new skill and in this ever-evolving digital age, older people can tap in on the education once considered the be available only the younger people. You are never too old the learn the network marketing and if someone tells you that, tell them the get lost.

Seeing that anyone can get into network marketing, you only need the ask yourself if you believe that you can succeed in the industry. I have a few questions you can ask yourself before you sign up with a program like Wealthy Affiliate.

1). Are you willing the put the time into studying the lessons provided?

2). Are you a self-starter and can you motivate yourself the keep learning in the months ahead?

3). Do you have the time the focus on training?

4). Are you capable of working on a website writing content, adding links and pictures?

5). Can you think long term instead of instant gratification?

I know some questions above are tough or will be tough once you get started. But seriously consider them when thinking about before starting the network marketing career. It's important the have enough foresight the determine whether you will be able the stick things out when the going gets going. This isn't the disappoint you but the let you know that you will need the dedicate yourself once you begin training in a program like Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Is Ready When You Are

I hope this blog was somewhat helpful for you in helping you determine whether a career in network marketing is worth your time and effort. If you find that it is and you would like the move forward and begin learning the industry, Wealthy Affiliate is ready when you are.

Now, if you're ready the begin, CLICK HERE the start your new career with the latest network marketing training.


If you have any question please drop your questions below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best




What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners?

What Is  The Best Affiliate Marketing  Programs For Beginners?


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You May Have Seen the hundreds of Opportunities that Bombard the Internet Daily Offering Ways For You to Make Money Online. But, chances are pretty good that the cash flow machine super affiliate software you were looking at is a total scheme or scam? Why is this and how do people get away with selling so much garbage online? What is best for affiliate marketing programs for beginners? I'll try to answer that in this blog post.

One of the reasons is the industry is pretty much non-regulated except by Google that tries to weed out the shady programs. There isn't some cop that's going to knock on your door because you're hiding in the shadows playing internet creep selling scams.

So, how do you get past all the junk and actually find some type of to affiliate marketing program for beginners? First, you should probably ask yourself why you want to do this whole internet money-making deal anyway? What is it you're looking for? Riches? Notoriety?

That's what you have to look at when getting into affiliate marketing because I'll let you in on a secret. The internet is full of so-called experts in the industry of marketing affiliate products and services and they know pretty much nothing about business.

Is Affiliate Marketing A Dead Horse?


The Women Working on Computer

Here's the thing about affiliate marketing. It's a tough business if you're just starting out and trying to make a go at it. There are so many stays at home moms and dads out there thinking they are going to make it big, then throw up a quick to affiliate marketing website online and then sit back and wait for the money to come rolling' in.

And then, when it doesn't come they call the whole thing a scam and move on to the next best shiny vehicle they think will make them rich.

But back to the question at hand. Is to affiliate marketing a dead horse? It's not dead but it could appear that way especially when you have so many people who shop at Amazon, Walmart and the other big box stores online.

Would you rather buy from someone's affiliate link on a no-name website or from a large retailer with Yelp reviews? It's obvious that it would probably be a much safer bet to go with the big box stores.

However, there is something that the big box stores have that affiliate marketers can totally capitalize on. And that is niche specific websites. What are these websites and how can they make a marketer some cash flow?

Basically, a niche website is a site that is outside the norm. The norm would be sites like weight loss, make money online, cooking, etc. Outside the norm might be a website on how to make model airplanes that fly above 500 feet.

Hopefully, you understand the difference here, because while the big box stores have obviously the market on many of the items you use every day, they may not have what is considered to be specialty items. And that's where to affiliate marketing can be a win win for you.

What's A Good Affiliate Marketing Program For Beginners?


A Sign of Start on the Road


Let's get back to the subject of this blog for a minute. What's a good to affiliate marketing program for beginners in 2019? If you look around at this website you will know that I promote Wealthy Affiliate to affiliate marketing entrepreneurs.

While there are many good things about to affiliate marketing going forward, it's important to realize that this is an ever-changing industry and this is why you need to have the best training out there today to become successful in the industry.

What is Wealthy Affiliate and why do I support and promote the platform? This platform is basically just a training course. It doesn't make you money on autopilot and they don't really walk you step by step through the whole thing. You actually have to put on your thinking cap and learn through the tutorials which cover everything from starting your first website to learning to write content and market your site.

Wealthy Affiliate covers virtually everything you will ever need to build a successful to affiliate marketing website at a fraction of the cost you would likely pay elsewhere. What I like about the program is they don't really tell you that you will make a bunch of money without doing anything.

In fact, they tell you that you will get out of it what you put in. While there are hundreds of tutorials and videos to choose from on Wealthy Affiliate's training library, you have the time and resources to fully learn and understand how to affiliate marketing works and you will have to tools to make it work for you.

Is It Worth Building An Affiliate Marketing Website Today?

I guess this question you will have to ask yourself. If you think building the website will pay off in the end then yes. If you think you will just make a quick website, throw on some content and links and then boom, the money will come, you are highly mistaken.

People from all walks of life join Wealthy Affiliate and other online learning platforms into affiliate marketing for different reasons. Some do it to stay busy. Others may do it to find people to connect with. Some may want to become rich. There are hundreds of reasons people get into affiliate marketing today and whether it's worth building a website is up to you. The only thing I say is it can't hurt to try when people ask me about joining Wealthy Affiliate. Why? Because they can join for FREE.

How Much Is Your Time Worth To You?


Sign on the wall saying ever tired, ever fail no matter, try again, fail again fail better.


They always say time is money. If this is true, are you pricing yourself too low? That's what many ask themselves when doing to affiliate marketing. Am I wasting my precious time when I could be making a set income doing something else?

It's true that affiliate marketing is not a sure-fire way to make money online. Depending on a person's skill set, how motivated they are and how much time and effort they want to put in, to affiliate marketing can be highly successful or a complete washout.

It really depends on whether you think it's worth it to constantly be updating your website, adding content on an almost daily basis and dealing with the lack of results.

It's a tough business and you have to be tough as well. But being tough doesn't always equal success. In fact, it may be a recipe for the exact opposite. And this is why if you are going to be an entrepreneur in the to affiliate marketing arena, you must have access to quality training.

Wealthy Affiliate offers some of the highest quality training via videos and tutorials than you will get anywhere online in the to an affiliate marketing business. The training is complete and you will definitely get out of what you put into it.

Is Wealthy Affiliate for everyone? I say no because you have to want to succeed and you have to be willing to learn once you sign up. Too many people set in their ways want to recreate the wheel their way and end up failing. But for those who are willing to learn and don't have any major obstacles keeping them from absorbing information, the platform is definitely worth checking into.

Sit On The Fence Or Get In The Game!


A man sitting on the fence

You came here looking for information on what is best to affiliate marketing programs for beginners. Hopefully, I answered that question but think about what you want long term for your life and if affiliate marketing will fill that space.

If you are completely focused on making money then I would definitely suggest learning all you can from the training and videos on Wealthy Affiliate and don't stop after that! Keep going and build a website that you will be proud of.

Depending on where you are in life, Wealthy Affiliate may or may not be a good choice for you but the good news is this awesome platform is here to stay. Whether you are new to the business and just trying to see what's a good fit or have experience in the industry and need a platform to help you build your new website, Wealthy Affiliate can be a definite benefit to you.

The only way this platform might not benefit you is if you are content just hanging back in the wings and watching what's happening. And if that's the case, you can always become a mentor to people wanting to learn to affiliate marketing.

One thing is for certain. Affiliate marketing is not a dead horse. And I don't think it will be going down that path anytime soon but as a fellow entrepreneur I do think now is the time to get moving in the right direction if you want to get in on to affiliate marketing.

Your call now. Are you ready to start learning to affiliate marketing with the leading business-building software and tutorials online today? Are you excited about becoming a to affiliate marketing success story?

CLICK HERE right now to begin your journey as an affiliate marketer.


If you have any comment or questions please them bellow in the comment section and I will address them promptly.

All the best





Affiliate Marketing Strategy Review

affiliate Marketing Strategy Review


Shaking Hands and Learning Marketing Strategy

OK, We Know that Where is a Way to Build an Affiliate Website Which with Current Software is Pretty Freaking' Easy at This Point. Back in the day to build a successful website, you had to know stuff like HTML and how to manually type in codes, and that was a ton of time-consuming work.

And to top it off, you had to probably go to school to learn all of this coding stuff to learn how to implement it. But now, wow. Have things changed? You no longer need to know all this stuff to build an excellent website. And you know that having a good Affiliate Marketing Strategy Review to go off of is probably the key to success.

If you have access to WordPress, all you need to know to get off and running was to type on a Wordpad program. WordPress is the platform of choice for affiliate marketers, and with this platform, anyone can build a successful website.

But that's great to know. And sure, you can build a website. You're smart, and I know you probably already know how to do this. The question many people like you and I have is how do we do require the knowledge to start a good Affiliate Marketing Strategy?

Do you know how to get things done with your strategy, or are you still struggling with this? If you are having a tough time with it, hopefully, this blog can help.

What's The Best Strategy In Affiliate Marketing?

Searching for Marketing Strategy

There are many strategies in affiliate marketing. Almost everyone has a different way of promoting their products and services. But, there are some simple steps to take, which you may not have thought of, and I am going to throw them out there today.

Take a look below at some strategies you can use to build a successful campaign for your affiliate marketing website.

Before you begin any marketing strategy, take a look at your website. Look at your content. Are you content readable, free of errors, and offers something to your readers? Don't spend any money on any promotion until you can honestly look at your website and be confident that it is helpful to your readers and that what you are offering is of value.

Targeting the right audience

 This is important because many people begin a marketing campaign and focus on everyone in every location around the world. Not to cost-effective if you are using paid adverts.

You need to focus on targeting the right audience. Search for who is visiting your website and from where with Google Analytics. This is the best way to avoid wasting time and money on your affiliate marketing strategy.

Get feedback on your website. You must get the opinions of others before you go on a full-blown marketing strategy. Join some affiliate marketing forums and ask if others will check out your website

Get some honest feedback from a second party, and go back and fix the issues. By getting some insight from fellow affiliate marketers, you can get an idea if your website is heading in the right direction.

Post free advertisements online. There are virtually thousands of free online ads you can post online. You may find them by simply typing in “Free Online Ads.” Very simple to do, and most ad sites will carry you a free and from 30-90 days.

All for free Use paid advertisements. I know it's scary to think of shelling out money for promotion, but sites like Facebook allow you to post an ad even if it's in affiliate marketing for as low as $1.00 a day. That's pretty cheap, to be honest, and with that, you will probably get around 200-500 hits a day.

Use organic traffic. This type of traffic will rely on your ability to write quality content that gains traffic organically. It may take a while to accomplish this, but it can be done if you are patient.

Use keywords that target your audience and write naturally without being a pushy salesperson. This is the best way to get traffic as it is more targeted and will generate more leads/sales.

Learn what keywords and searches are generating traffic for your website. You can do this by going to Google and searching your analytics on the most popular blogs. Google Analytics is your friend if you use it correctly.

Watch a few Youtube videos on the subject, and you will find some excellent information that will help in your affiliate marketing strategy.

Think Outside The Proverbial Box

One thing that many make the mistake of doing is to think inside the box. They don't go outside of the norm, and that's why many affiliate marketers fail. By doing things, most don't you can be highly successful with your website. Do stuff like small post ads at grocery stores, laundry facilities, and even share with your social websites.

You can do some amazing things on your own, but you need to have the drive to do this. Those who sit at the computer all day and try to do everything online may not achieve the same success as those who are gone getters in the industry.

This does not mean you have to be pounding the pavement constantly, but maybe once a week spread some offline ads around. You may find it surprising at the results you get.

Wealthy Affiliate offers you FREE starter membership, No credit card required

Finally, you will learn some new marketing strategies as you move forward with your affiliate marketing business. Keep learning and implementing different techniques to become a successful affiliate marketer, and eventually, things will click.

The old saying doing the same thing and expecting a different result is evident here. If something isn't working, change it. It may be the difference between having a successful affiliate marketing strategy or not.


If you have any questions, please drop your items below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the Best


Affiliate Marketing Training Courses.com


Best Jobs For Retired People – Do you know what are

Best Jobs for Retired People

Retired people

Do you know what are the best jobs for retired people? Have you recently become retired and need to supplement your retirement income? You may or may not be surprised at how many people who have retired still haven't built up enough retirement savings to live comfortably in their retired years. And that can spell a lot of problems seeing that as we age we may not be healthy enough to live comfortably with our retirement income.

Seeing that people are constantly looking for ways to supplement their retirement income I decided to write this blog about a way people can make some extra income when they are retired. One of the more popular ways is to earn online but since many seniors don't have the experience to work online, it's easy for them to get frustrated and not even try. However, there is one way to earn online that's a good fit for anyone whether you are 18 or 80. And that is affiliate marketing.

What's Affiliate Marketing And Why Is It A Good Fit?

Affiliate marketing has been around for quite a whole. In fact, it's been a way for people to earn online for about 20 years now.

How does it work?

Affiliate marketing works by promoting products and services to people through links. These links are actually embedded into the text of an article or blog and when the highlighted text is clicked the reader is redirected to where the link address is. This link can be a link directed to a product or service and the reader can view what is being offered and buy if they choose. You, as an affiliate marketer receive a commission for each purchase that is obtained through your affiliate link.

Sound easy? It is and it's a popular way to earn an income without doing a lot of manual work. It can be done all from home, on your computer with minimal resources needed.

How is this such a good fit for retired people?

Affiliate Marketing

Think about it. You don't have to leave home. You can do this in your spare time with no boss. And it doesn't cost a bunch of money to get started. In fact, you can theoretically search on Youtube and learn affiliate marketing yourself and not have to join any training courses to learn the industry.

What's The Best Way To Learn Affiliate Marketing?

Make Money Today WA

As I said, you can really learn affiliate marketing on your own through Youtube. There you can find all the training you need and learn from different sources. It's probably the cheapest way to learn the industry and you can get tips from different people. The other way to learn is to go through a learning university as I did.

Wealthy Affiliate is the one I started on and the reason it's a good way to learn is that you don't have to search elsewhere for a site builder, a keyword tool, hosting and a domain. It's all built into the program.

How do you make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

The best way is to create a niche website and promote products. Choose a low competition niche, that way you will become an authority or expert fairly quickly. Low competition websites are generally not as popular as websites like “Make Money” sites but they can generate sales easier because of the targeted audience which is generally fairly narrow.

Wealthy Affiliate for me is the best way to learn and actually build my website because it's easy to navigate and learn, the training is probably the best you will find in the affiliate marketing industry and it doesn't cost a lot to get access to the Premium membership.

Life As A Retired Person Can Be Exciting!


Relaxing at the Beach

Being retired doesn't mean you have to live a life struggling on a fixed income. With Wealthy AffiliateAffiliateAffiliate you can learn a brand new skill in affiliate marketing and work when and where you want. You aren't tied to anything
at all. There is no work commitment, no long term contract to sign and you can take a break when you want.

And that's the benefit of being retired. Your days of answering to other people are over. What's the downside of being retired? Well, you could end up sitting on your porch staring at the people across the street or you could fix up your small home office and begin an affiliate marketing website. You can do this with minimal effort each day and gradually build an income-producing website that earns money for years down the road.

+++WA Offers a FREE Starter Membership/No Creditcard Required/Guarantee+++

Or you could find a part-time job working at a fast-food restaurant, a retail store or washing cars. It's much easier working from home as an affiliate marketer.

You can do it if you have recently retired or have been as a whole.

Get Started Today And See Where It Takes You In A Year!

You're retired. That's great but it's always nice to have a project and make some money doing it right? If you start today building an affiliate website in a year you will have made some great progress. And you will probably be making money which will build up your self-esteem and confidence. That's a great thing. Wealthy Affiliate can get you on the fast track to building that website and learning affiliate marketing.

And don't worry about getting help with your website and how to build an affiliate site that generates money. There are thousands of members who can help you out on the platform. Some have been there for a decade so the experience these members have can help you a ton.

Ready to start affiliate marketing and become your own entrepreneur? You may be retired but it's hardly the end of the road! Get started today here. There's plenty more to do as a retired person!


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