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Hi, thank you for visiting my website, my name is Kazuko, and I want to tell you about myself a little bit before I joined the wealthy affiliate.

My experience of years ago

Years ago, I decided to learn affiliate marketing to earn some extra income. The company that I worked for is enormous, and everything that they said was my dream and sound so real. But after a few months of training, they were asked to invest more money to make money. I invested hundreds and thousands of my hard-working money, but nothing has happened. Anyway, I left the company because I could not afford it anymore for good. SAYONARA.

Wealthy Affiliate is my lifesaver

After all that stress, I was looking for decent, honest to affiliate marketing, and I found a wealthy affiliate. Of course, I searched a lot, and wealthy affiliate is sound fair and reasonable, so I sign up (It's free to sign up) to take a look round to see who they are and what they are offering to guess what I just fell in love with it, so I join the wealthy affiliate right away.
Make extra money online.

So If you want to learn affiliate marketing and make some extra money online, a wealthy affiliate is an excellent place for it. They provide step by step training everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. I joined the wealthy affiliate last August, and it’s has been already six months (gosh time flies), but I learned a lot. I mean a lot. I remember when I build my first own website, Kyle (Co-owner of Wealthy affiliate) sent me a message saying, “congratulations, you are indexed by Google, keep up good work and work hard” That encouragement keeps me going till now.

What is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is nothing more than an online training facility, with a lot of like-minded people who are there to help each other create their own successful online business. It’s super easy to follow and work at your own pace so anyone can learn from training here.

So if you are

* Stay at home mom or dad, retire people who have free time.

* College student.

* Unemployed or looking for a job.

* Low-income workers.

* Who wants to earn extra money to pay bills.


Essentially anyone everyone.

Build a Website

Affiliate Marketing Business is must have a website. Building website is simple since we have the most powerful website builder here at wealthy affiliate, and as I mentioned earlier, we teach you to step by step to build your website (storefront) for your business and follow your passion that you will enjoy doing what you do.

So let’s make money together, join me.

If you ever need a hand or have questions, feel free to leave them below and will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best


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