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What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners?


What IsĀ  The Best Affiliate MarketingĀ  Programs For Beginners?


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You May Have Seen the hundreds of Opportunities that Bombard the Internet Daily Offering Ways For You to Make Money Online. But, chances are pretty good that the cash flow machine super affiliate software you were looking at is a total scheme or scam? Why is this and how do people get away with selling so much garbage online? What is best to affiliate marketing programs for beginners? I'll try to answer that in this blog post.

One of the reasons is the industry is pretty much non-regulated except by Google that tries to weed out the shady programs. There isn't some cop that's going to knock on your door because you're hiding in the shadows playing internet creep selling scams.

So, how do you get past all the junk and actually find some type of to affiliate marketing program for beginners? First, you should probably ask yourself why you want to do this whole internet money-making deal anyway? What is it you're looking for? Riches? Notoriety?

That's what you have to look at when getting into affiliate marketing because I'll let you in on a secret. The internet is full of so-called experts in the industry of marketing affiliate products and services and they know pretty much nothing about business.

Is Affiliate Marketing A Dead Horse?


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Here's the thing about affiliate marketing. It's a tough business if you're just starting out and trying to make a go at it. There are so many stays at home mom and dads out there thinking they are going to make it big, then throw up a quick to affiliate marketing website online and then sit back and wait for the money to come rolling' in.

And then, when it doesn't come they call the whole thing a scam and move on to the next best shiny vehicle they think will make them rich.

But back to the question at hand. Is to affiliate marketing a dead horse? It's not dead but it could appear that way especially when you have so many people who shop at Amazon, Walmart and the other big box stores online.

Would you rather buy from someone's affiliate link on a no-name website or from a large retailer with Yelp reviews? It's obvious that it would probably be a much safer bet to go with the big box stores.

However, there is something that the big box stores have that affiliate marketers can totally capitalize on. And that is niche specific websites. What are these websites and how can they make a marketer some cash flow?

Basically, a niche website is a site that is outside the norm. The norm would be sites like weight loss, make money online, cooking, etc. Outside the norm might be a website on how to make model airplanes that fly above 500 feet.

Hopefully, you understand the difference here, because while the big box stores have obviously the market on many of the items you use every day, they may not have what is considered to be specialty items. And that's where to affiliate marketing can be a win win for you.

What's A Good Affiliate Marketing Program For Beginners?


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Let's get back to the subject of this blog for a minute. What's a good to affiliate marketing program for beginners in 2019? If you look around at this website you will know that I promote Wealthy Affiliate to affiliate marketing entrepreneurs.

While there are many good things about to affiliate marketing going forward, it's important to realize that this is an ever-changing industry and this is why you need to have the best training out there today to become successful in the industry.

What is Wealthy Affiliate and why do I support and promote the platform? This platform is basically just a training course. It doesn't make you money on autopilot and they don't really walk you step by step through the whole thing. You actually have to put on your thinking cap and learn through the tutorials which cover everything from starting your first website to learning to write content and market your site.

Wealthy Affiliate covers virtually everything you will ever need to build a successful to affiliate marketing website at a fraction of the cost you would likely pay elsewhere. What I like about the program is they don't really tell you that you will make a bunch of money without doing anything.

In fact, they tell you that you will get out of it what put in. While there are hundreds of tutorials and videos to choose from on Wealthy Affiliate's training library, you have the time and resources to fully learn and understand how to affiliate marketing works and you will have to tools to make it work for you.

Is It Worth Building An Affiliate Marketing Website Today?

I guess this question you will have to ask yourself. If you think building the website will pay off in the end then yes. If you think you will just make a quick website, throw on some content and links and then boom, the money will come, you are highly mistaken.

People from all walks of life join Wealthy Affiliate and other online learning platforms into affiliate marketing for different reasons. Some do it to stay busy. Others may do it to find people to connect with. Some may want to become rich. There are hundreds of reasons people get into affiliate marketing today and whether it's worth building a website is up to you. The only thing I say is it can't hurt to try when people ask me about joining Wealthy Affiliate. Why? Because they can join for FREE.

How Much Is Your Time Worth To You?


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They always say time is money. If this is true, are you pricing yourself too low? That's what many ask themselves when doing to affiliate marketing. Am I wasting my precious time when I could be making a set income doing something else?

It's true that affiliate marketing is not a sure-fire way to make money online. Depending on a person's skill set, how motivated they are and how much time and effort they want to put in, to affiliate marketing can be highly successful or a complete washout.

It really depends on whether you think it's worth it to constantly be updating your website, adding content on an almost daily basis and dealing with the lack of results.

It's a tough business and you have to be tough as well. But being tough doesn't always equal success. In fact, it may be a recipe for the exact opposite. And this is why if you are going to be an entrepreneur in the to affiliate marketing arena, you must have access to quality training.

Wealthy Affiliate offers some of the highest quality training via videos and tutorials than you will get anywhere online in the to an affiliate marketing business. The training is complete and you will definitely get out of what you put into it.

Is Wealthy Affiliate for everyone? I say no because you have to want to succeed and you have to be willing to learn once you sign up. Too many people set in their ways want to recreate the wheel their way and end up failing. But for those who are willing to learn and don't have any major obstacles keeping them from absorbing information, the platform is definitely worth checking into.

Sit On The Fence Or Get In The Game!


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You came here looking for information on what is best to affiliate marketing programs for beginners. Hopefully, I answered that question but think about what you want long term for your life and if affiliate marketing will fill that space.

If you are completely focused on making money then I would definitely suggest learning all you can from the training and videos on Wealthy Affiliate and don't stop after that! Keep going and build a website that you will be proud of.

Depending on where you are in life, Wealthy Affiliate may or may not be a good choice for you but the good news is this awesome platform is here to stay. Whether you are new to the business and just trying to see what's a good fit or have experience in the industry and need a platform to help you build your new website, Wealthy Affiliate can be a definite benefit to you.

The only way this platform might not benefit you is if you are content just hanging back in the wings and watching what's happening. And if that's the case, you can always become a mentor to people wanting to learn to affiliate marketing.

One thing is for certain. Affiliate marketing is not a dead horse. And I don't think it will be going down that path anytime soon but as a fellow entrepreneur I do think now is the time to get moving in the right direction if you want to get in on to affiliate marketing.

Your call now. Are you ready to start learning to affiliate marketing with the leading business-building software and tutorials online today? Are you excited about becoming a to affiliate marketing success story?

CLICK HERE right now to begin your journey as an affiliate marketer.


If you have any comment or questions please them bellow in the comment section and I will address them promptly.

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Best Website Builder Programs


Best Website Builder Programs For 2019


As an affiliate marketer, you will find yourself writing a lot. That's a given fact in an industry that focuses on quality content to build successful websites. Given the right platform to write on, your chances of success and staying the course will depend on what type of tools you use in your business. What are the best website builder programs for 2019?

Hopefully, I can answer that question in this blog.

There are a number of good website builder platforms out there today that doesn't require you to do much else but write and publish. Even the images are easy to upload as well as inserting links you will be putting in your content. But, is this all you need to look at when choosing the best website builder?

As an affiliate marketer who has been in the business for a while I have to say the best website builder that's easy to use and has all the tools needed to create quality content as well as edit and add links and pictures has to be WordPress.

As a stand-alone product, WordPress is great. It has everything you need to write some awesome content and create quality pages and posts. It also has plugins needed to fully optimize your work and you won't find yourself having to do any technical work yourself.

While this is my opinion, I personally think WordPress is the best website builder program for 2019.

Do I Need To Pay For WordPress?

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According to public opinion, the average WordPress website will cost you anywhere from $50.00-$100.00 per website if you make it yourself. This will include hosting, paid themes and other necessities.

Compared to other website builder platforms, WordPress is probably the most cost-effective builder you are going to find online today.

If you outsource the build of your site, you're probably going to end up paying around $300.00 which is a huge difference. And while you will probably get about 5 pages and maybe a few affiliate marketing blogs included, the website will have to be updated frequently to keep up with the market and to be competitive.

While outsourcing the building of your affiliate marketing website may sound like a drop in the bucket, you will end up spending much more time on the site building it out. And even though it won't cost you money if you write your own content, you will be spending a lot of time writing, which is why a quality platform like WordPress is important to use.

Is WordPress All I Need To Build A Successful Website?

It depends on what type of website you are creating. For affiliate marketers, you can start out on your own building an affiliate website if you have some basic knowledge in the industry. Otherwise, I would suggest using a platform like THIS (CLICK HERE) to learn the industry before you start going crazy trying to build a successful affiliate marketing website

Why do I say affiliate marketers need more than just the best website builder programs? Because to create a website that people are going to actively be interested in buying from, you need to learn how the industry works and it's much more than just writing a blog and throwing a few links in it.



The platform that includes the WordPress website builder and all the other tools you need is Wealthy Affiliate. What is this platform? If you have read other blogs on this website by now you already know what this affiliate marketing training platform is. It's a state of the art program designed to make entrepreneurs successful by training them on how to build a highly successful affiliate marketing business.

Can anyone join?

Yes. But, my suggestion is you don't take this platform as a hobby. You are building a website that you want to earn money on and not to just show the masses online. You want people to come to your website, and of course, possibly buy what you have to offer. To learn how to do this, Wealthy Affiliate is the platform to use.

Can You Really Make Money With A Website? Here is where people get confused so I'll try and break stuff down for you that's easy to understand. Let's say you want to buy a motorcycle and you want to find one that's close to you. You type in motorcycles and the brand and near you. What will come up will be a business that sells motorcycles and all you have to do from there is browse the website for the one you want and you get the stats, reviews, and the pricing.

Affiliate marketing works the same way. Using your WordPress platform and knowledge you gain from a platform like Wealthy Affiliate, simply create a website that offers whatever product you have and build out the website with pages and posts that include the product description, related reviews, and information on how to buy the product.

We use affiliate links to direct the reader to the product in question. If they buy then we as affiliate marketers gain a commission.


 A Buyer hands a cridit Card and Seller hands a product to Buyers


Easy right? It is but building a successful website takes patience and some knowledge of the affiliate marketing industry. Armed with this knowledge, however, entrepreneurs can now go on their own, build a website in any niche and actually make a full or part-time income.

What Do You Expect Out Of Your Website?

I take it that you are looking for the best website builder out there for whatever you are using it for. While there are many good website builders out there, it's important to know what you need this for. Are you building an affiliate marketing website or a site for sharing pictures with family and friends? Depending on what you need the website builder for, one builder may be better to use when considering costs than another.

Affiliate marketers would probably be better off using WordPress and then some additional training and a personal website would be easier on the wallet using a builder like Blogger or Weebly.

Websites like Blogger are perfect for the personal blog that may not be looking to gain a lot of traffic and will end up being easier on the wallet. In fact, some of these free website builders are simple to use and don't cost anything unless you want to upgrade.

Choosing the right website builder is a personal choice so consider pricing and simplicity when doing so.

Affiliate marketing is an industry that may require the use of plugins and some SEO services as well as the ability to insert links which WordPress performs with ease.

WordPress May Be The Best Website Builder For 2019

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You have a ton of choices when deciding which website platform you want to use for your business or personal use. But for the purpose of this blog and of course my personal opinion, I have to say WordPress is hands down the still the leader in quality website building for 2019.

And I don't say this without doing my own research. I have come across some good web building platforms but honestly, while some of them have tons of cool tools, they are just too confusing and time consuming to figure out for what I wanted to use it for.

Wealthyy Affiliste Membership Grid


That's all I have today for you on the topic of best website builders, but do yourself a favor and search online yourself for some of the better web builders and if you find something equally or better than WordPress feel free to leave me a message below.

And if you are an affiliate marketer in need of some help or want to find out more about learning the industry as well as building an awesome WordPress website, be sure to read my Wealthy Affiliate review CLICK HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this blog on finding the best platform to build your website on. Your success in affiliate marketing will depend on a few different factors but by choosing a builder that's easy to use and easy to insert links and pictures, try WordPress out for size. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

To Your Success,


If you have any question please drop your questions below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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